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Martinique is one of the shining jewels of the French Caribbean. Centrally located in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, at 14 degrees 30 minutes north latitude and 61 degrees 0 minutes west longitude, Martinique is part of the Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles.

Christopher Columbus sighted the island on his first voyage in 1493, but didn’t land there until his fourth expedition in 1502. Martinique officially became part of France in 1815. It became a Department of France in 1946, and was named a Region of France in 1974, and that remains its status.

Martinique’s capital, Fort de France, celebrates every aspect of French culture with style and panache – from the excellence of its cuisine to the chic sophistication of its fine resorts and hotels. Shops sell the latest French merchandise; art galleries, theaters and museums all pay homage that heritage. Old men play Boules in the squares, while crowds sit at sidewalk cafés. Yet, an enticing West Indian warmth and friendliness, a special spice in its music, dance, local food and cultural roots, combine with everything French, to create a unique way of life.

Martinique offers the classic Caribbean package of flawless beaches-white sand on the south coast, black sand on the north coast. There are secluded coves perfect for swimming and snorkeling, reefs, unspoiled fishing villages, hot springs, lush rainforests, rugged peaks and exotic flowers and fruit everywhere.

The Dream Yacht Charter base at Le Marin is just a short ride from the airport. The marina is set at the end of a beautiful lagoon and includes all the facilities any sailor could need: well-stocked chandleries, a supermarket and restaurants.

The marina at Le Marin is one of the largest in the Caribbean that caters specifically to pleasure boats, and is a day sail from the Grenadines.

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